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American Tradition of the Goddess

American Tradition of the Goddess, or AmTrad for short, is a North Texas-born, Matriarchal, Wiccan tradition whose followers receive training in Wiccan principles and earth magic.

From AmTrad.Org: The American Tradition of the Goddess is a teaching tradition of earth magic. Our emphasis is on living our craft in thought, word, and deed. We honor the Triple Goddess and the Triple God. We see the Goddess in all Her aspects as the creative force and the God as Her consort and counselor. We follow the cycles of the sun, moon, and seasons, and celebrate the eight festivals of the Wheel of the Year. We explore the ancient myths and legends of many pantheons and cultures through teaching and ritual, while utilizing our members' creativity in the presentation. 

Every AmTrad coven is founded with a specific focus. Some are shamanistic, some focus on the fae, and others are more scholarly.

Circle of the Star

​Circle of the Star is a Dallas coven focused on developing and focusing individual power in the service of the greater good. We hone our minds, bodies, and souls so that we can use them to heal broken pieces of our world. Each of us is a ray of light bringing hope, love, and light to dark spaces. 

High Priestess Rae

CoG Credential number: 989E16


Rae began her studies in 2004 as a student of Circle of the Wild Wood. She was initiated in 2005 and practiced within Wild Wood for over 10 years. Rae was made a third degree high priestess on March 13, 2016, by Rhys, High Priestess of Circle of the Wild Wood.

Rae can be reached at or at

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