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The Student Year

Circle of the Star is interviewing students to begin classes February 9, 2020. If you are interested in studying with Circle of the Star, please email to request an interview.


The purpose of the student year is to become familiar with the Wiccan path, to learn basic ritual and craft skills, and to see if becoming an initiate is right for you.


If accepted as a student you can expect to complete the following classes in your first year:

  • Orientation to the Tradition

  • History of Witchcraft

  • Ethics & What is the Craft

  • The Goddess

  • The Lunar Cycle

  • The God

  • The Wheel of the Year (or Solar Cycle)

  • The Elements & Correspondences

  • Ritual Craft

Meeting all student requirements requires 10-20 hours of meetings (generally on Sunday evenings in the Dallas/Fair Park area), plus 5-10 hours of homework, per month.

If you complete all student classes and dedicate yourself to the path of Wicca, then you may be invited to initiate as a fellow Witch. If you initiate, you will participate in higher-level classes and practicums to deepen your practice while acting as a teacher and role model for those that come behind you.​

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